(not so) Current Research

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The Deep Structure of Lithospheric Fault Zones: Simplon Shear Zone, Central Alps

My major research project is focussed on the structural, geometrical and rheological characteristics of the Simplon Shear Zone in the Swiss/Italian Alps, and how these vary with depth in the crust and evolution of the fault zone.   

I use recrystallized quartz size, measured by EBSD, to estimate flow stress; the Ti content of recrystallized quartz (TitaniQ) to determine the temperature of deformation; and integration of detailed microstructural- and field-based mapping to understand the spatial extent of each major stage of deformation. These methods will be used to investigate the T, P, flow stress and shear zone width at various stages during shear zone evolution. 

Strain (De)-Localization in a ~10km Wide Mylonitic Zone: Cuesta de Randolfo Shear Zone, NW Argentina

I am also part of a team working on the Cuesta de Randolfo shear zone in Argentina. My work includes field mapping and microstructural analysis, to investigate strain localization processes active (or not) in this unusually wide zone of mylonitization. 

Structural Controls and Timing of Gold Mineralization: Oro Cruz gold deposit, SE California 

This project will involve investigating field relationships between gold mineralization, various phases of faulting, and nearby intrusions, to understand the structural controls and timing of the mineralization.