I am a field geologist with a taste for both academic research and its application to the exploration- and mining industry. I recently completed a Ph.D. in structural geology at the University of Southern California, USA, having gained an M.Sc. in economic geology at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, and spent several years working in exploration and mining. 

My research interests lie in structural geology, tectonics, and ore deposits.  For my Ph.D. I investigated how the geometry and rheology of the Simplon Shear Zone (in the Central Alps) changed with paleodepth, and what this can tell us about the mechanical evolution of shear zones and the ductile flow of crustal material. This study involved field work, microstructural analysis, thermobarometry and piezometry, with emphasis on corroborating lab results with structural features recognizable in the field.

I also explored the structural setting and timing of gold mineralization at a deposit in SE California, and strain localization mechanisms active (or not) in a ~10km wide syn-magmatic shear zone in NW Argentina. 

For my M.Sc., I worked on the genetic history of a poly-deformed and -metamorphosed base-metal sulfide deposit in South Africa. This research incorporated field mapping and data from an extensive drillhole database with 3D spatially-constrained analysis of mineral- and whole-rock chemistry; U-Pb zircon geochronology; S-, Sr- and O- isotopes of barite; and multiple S-isotopes of sulfides, and helped identify potential areas for orebody extension. 

I particularly enjoy borrowing methods or ideas from a variety of fields in order to unravel structural complexities and answer large-scale questions regarding tectonics and mineralizing systems. 

If you find my work interesting and have any questions, or are interested in collaborating, feel free to contact me. 

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